Our History

Since its inception, Wilson State Bank’s primary mission has been to serve the banking needs of our communities and surrounding counties. This mission continues to be the primary driving force behind the Bank today. We pledge to our customers to always provide a hometown atmosphere with people you can talk to and decisions that are made locally. That’s what Wilson State Bank is all about. Wilson State Bank was chartered on July 18, 1886, with beginning capital of $50,000 and has operated continuously in Ellsworth County since its inception. In March 1897, we acquired the Bohemian State Bank in Wilson. On February 22, 2003, we purchased the Russell branch of Citizens State Bank, Grainfield, Kansas, to form our first branch office at 565 S. Fossil in Russell. On July 19, 2010 we purchased Hoisington National Bank located at 201 N Main in Hoisington, to form our second branch. Our third branch was purchased January 24th, 2011 and was formerly a branch of Mid West Community Bank and is located at 101 S. Main in Beverly. The Bank has been controlled by several families over the years including:  Asas Adams Jellison (father of A.D. and W.D., and one of the organizers), A. D. Jellison, and the W. D. Jellison families; the A. E. Burns family; and the W. C. Frevert family. On March 13, 1996, the current ownership purchased the bank. This diversified the ownership and insured the bank would remain under local control. Wilson State Bank fully intends to remain independent, and we hope to continue expanding operations in our trade area as opportunities arise.

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